Visa Free Countries for Nigerian Passport Holders

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The Nigerian passport comes in green colour, with ECOWAS, Economic Community of West African States, written on it. As of February 2024, Nigerian passport ranks 83 according to Passport Index. According to the index, there are 27 visa free countries Nigerian passport holders can travel to across the globe. Nigerian passport holders have some handful of countries they can also visit with e-visa requirement. In this article, we shall be highlighting the countries Nigerian passport holders can go without visa requirement and where they can go with e-visa.


Visa Free Countries for Nigerian passport holders

Countries Continent Visa free (with clauses)
Barbados North America Visa free (180 days)
Benin Africa Visa free (90 days)
Burkina Faso Africa Visa free
Cameroon Africa Visa free (90 days)
Cape Verde Africa Visa free
Chad Africa Visa free (90 days)
Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Africa Visa free (90 days)
Dominica North America Visa free (180 day)
Fiji Oceania Visa free (120 days)
Gambia Africa Visa free (90 days)
Ghana Africa Visa-free
Guinea Africa Visa-free
Guinea-Bissau Africa Visa-free
Haiti North America Visa-free (90 day)
Kiribati Oceania Visa-free (90 day)
Liberia Africa Visa-free
Mali Africa Visa-free
Micronesia Oceania Visa-free (30 days)
Niger Africa Visa-free
Rwanda Africa Visa-free (30 days)
Saint Kitts and Nevis North America Visa-free (90 days)
Senegal Africa Visa-free(90 days)
Sierra Leone Africa Visa-free
Togo Africa Visa-free
Vanuatu Oceania Visa free (30 days)

For visa free countries. The traveler should make sure that their passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of departure.

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5 Visa Free Countries You Can Visit As Africans

E-Visa / Visa on arrival for Nigerian Passport Holders

Country Continent Visa requirement
Bolivia South America
Visa on arrival / e-Visa (90 days).
Burundi Africa Visa on arrival (30 days)
Cambodia Asia
Visa on arrival / e-Visa (30 days) 
Comoros Africa Visa on arrival (45 days)
Congo (Dem. Rep.) Africa
E-Visa (90 days)
Djibouti Africa
E-Visa (90 days)
Equatorial Guinea Africa
Ethiopia Africa
E-Visa (90 days)
Gabon Africa
E-Visa (90 days)
Iran Asia
Visa on arrival / e-Visa (30 days)
Kenya Africa E-visa (90 days)
Lebanon Asia Visa on arrival (30 days)
Lesotho Africa E-Visa (14 days)
Madagascar Africa Visa on arrival (90 days)
Malawi Africa
E-Visa (90 days) 
Malaysia Asia
E-Visa (14 days)
Maldives Asia Visa on arrival (30 days)
Mauritania Africa Visa on arrival
Mauritius Africa Visa on arrival (14 days)
Mozambique Africa
Visa on arrival / e-Visa (30 days)
Palau Oceania Visa on arrival (30 days)
Samoa Oceania Visa on arrival (90 days)
South Sudan Africa
Suriname South America E-Visa (90 days)
Timor-Leste Asia Visa on arrival (30 days)
Tuvalu Oceania Visa on arrival (30 days)
Uganda Africa
Viet Nam Asia
E-Visa (90 days)

What is an e-visa and how can you have one?

An e-visa is a kind of visa that can be obtained online. With this type of visa, there is no need of going to the embassy for the application process. When applying for e-visa, you submit all documents and make payment online. For visa’s approved, you will need to print out necessary documents that you will need to present when entering the visiting country of your interest. In most cases, e-visa are always issued for temporary stay, such as
Tourist visa.
Business visa.
Medical visa.
Transit visa.
When applying students visa, work of family visa, visiting the embassy or consulate will be required.

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