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Aje, the goddess of wealth, is one of the most popular gods in Yoruba land. We have two posts about Aje Olokun on this website, Tour and Culture, already. We decided to go further due to questions asked via comment section on one of the posts, Facts about Aje Olokun. You can read that to understand where this post is coming from. The goddess of wealth is a source of blessing to those who believe in her and worship her properly.

In our first post, we wrote about the history of Aje Olokun and few facts to know about its existence as a god in Yoruba land, Nigeria. Second post discussed the festival of Aje Olokun. Now, in this post, we shall be discussing top secrets of Aje. How can you independently please Aje Olokun for you to tap into its wealth? Who can benefit from Aje? In addition, we discussed things you can do to please Aje, as well as, things you must not do. These questions were all questions from the previous post on the goddess of wealth

Let’s dive into the top secrets of the goddess of wealth. Before that, let’s quickly talk about who our source is. Abiodun Alabi Oyasogo (Herbalist), is a popular young ifa priest in Osogbo, the capital city of Osun state. He is vibrant in the worship of Ifa and other Yoruba gods.

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The Top Secrets of Aje, goddess of wealth.

In these top secrets of Aje, we shall be discussing how someone can relate to the goddess of wealth. Also, you will know what Aje eats and how you can independently please Aje even without visiting an herbalist.

Connection with Aje Olokun and what you can offer.

Connection with the goddess of wealth can come in two ways; it could be by worshiping the goddess of wealth for prosperity. Also, it could be that goddess of wealth uses someone to deliver messages to others. You can learn how to worship the goddess of wealth, but the goddess chooses anyone of choice to communicate with. Meanwhile, it is important to have someone who is good at it as a mentor when learning how to worship Aje. This is important, especially, as we have several half-baked Ifa priests in this generation, Abiodun Alabi Oyasogo made this clarification.

For those that get messages from the goddess of wealth, the goddess chooses who to communicate with. Interestingly, the chosen one can be a student learning how to worship Aje. Simply put, the goddess of wealth uses her discretion on who to be her messenger.

Aje Olokun eats numerous foods. Anything you want to offer Aje must be white. When we say white, it means without pepper and palm oil. The most popular food to offer Aje which is commonly accessible are banana (Ogede omini), ducks. in addition, you can also offer; eggs, white birds, cows, and beans.

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Factors that determine naming your child Aje related names.

Factors surrounding a baby’s birth can be a reason for such child to be named after Aje. Popular names from Aje include Ajewanwa (Wealth visited me), Ajeyale (Wealth came to my home), Ajegbemi (Wealth favour me), and more. As beautiful as these names may sound to you, some things must influence such decisions as any other name in Africa. You may want to read about names and meaning in Ghana.

Message from Ifa to name a child after the goddess of wealth

“As traditional worshipers, we look into the future of a newly born child after three days. We can know if such child should be given Aje’s name.” Abiodun Alabi Oyasogo. This means, some can receive this name from a divine source. Another way is through direct messages. A non-worshiper can receive a message by any messenger of the goddess of wealth. There are always benefits attached to naming a child after Aje if parents receive such message.

Financial strength of parent during pregnancy of a child

Another reason to name a child after the goddess of wealth is when a father discovers that there was no scarcity of funds in the family during the pregnancy of a child, such child can be named Aje names. According to a popular believe in Yoruba land, there is always scarcity of fund in the family whenever the wife is pregnant. Therefore, when there is no such scarcity, the child can be named after the goddess of wealth.

The day a child is born into the world

Another factor that can make you name a child after goddess of wealth is when a child is born on Monday. In addition, that same Monday should be the celebration day of Ifa, then such baby can be named Aje. meanwhile, Yoruba tradition considers Monday as wealth day. 

When and where is Aje festival celebrated?

Aje festival is celebrated almost in every Yoruba state or city, but the most popular among them all are the Aje festivals in Ile-Ife and Lagos. In addition, it can be independently celebrated. In most cases, an individual who has Aje can decide to be celebrating his or her goddess of wealth during birthday celebration. People who come for the birthday do not need to know what he is really celebrating.

For the one in Ile-Ife, it is done in the 2nd month of the year, February. They do it after celebrating Obatala. The exact day varies yearly.

How to please Aje

A calabash which is a symbol of the goddess of wealth in Yoruba land
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Aje Olokun may have historical background with water, but it does not mean that you need ocean or river before you please or worship goddess of wealth. All Aje needs is purity. Aje has its own symbol, it can be inside your room or your Waldrop, and you can worship this god via the symbol.  If you want to worship the goddess of wealth, and you don’t have such symbol yet, you can independently worship goddess of wealth with ekuru, banana (Ogede omini), and eggs (cooked one). All are in a bowl and placed somewhere in the house. Aje always goes to where such things are. You can spread Ekuru on the ground.

As easy as that may sound, Abiodun Alabi Oyasogo made it clear that it is not advisable considering how people do not trust one another in our present time. Anyone seen spreading Ekuru around may be taken to be someone using others destiny. So, it is better not to try such a method, but rather to have Aje symbol in personal room.

What other things can Aje Olokun offer other than prosperity?

Aje is for prosperity. The goddess of wealth cannot offer any other thing like good health. The only way the goddess of wealth can help in other areas is when you are prosperous, you have the possibility of eating well and treating yourself well against any health issue.

When it comes to gods needed for good health in Yoruba land, gods like Osun, Egbe and Sapanan comes to mind first.

Things you must never do to the goddess of wealth

As generous and kind as this god may be, it has things you must not do. Anyone that wants to be worshiping goddess of wealth must not be an individual who deceives others. They must not be a liar and that person must not wear a black dress to Aje. The goddess of wealth doesn’t take palm oil. Anything to give the goddess of wealth must be white. When cooking beans for Aje, it must not have pepper. If one is not straight forward, such person can even loose his or her wealth in total.

Anyone who is going to worship Aje Olokun must have brushed his or her teeth and taken a bath. As a matter of fact, worshipers don’t worship gods when unclean, such as shortly after sex, or during mensuration. The worshiper must clean up first. Also, a woman with menstruation cannot worship Aje and other gods.

In conclusion, the goddess of wealth is not a miracle god. When worshiping Aje, such a person must work alongside it. You cannot worship Aje today and get money in the evening. You worship the god and work effectively, that’s how it operates. Aje does no bless without using your hard work or people that surrounds you. Also, if one observes a positive change during a walk with another person. You should make such a person happy.

We hope this has answered some questions received in the first post about Aje Olokun on Tour and Culture. If there are further questions, we will dig more further to provide answers.


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